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What is local currency?

House Prices: Why are they so high?

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House Prices: Why are they so high?

Positive Money

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Positive money

Promoting regional currencies

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Together with Anthony Migchels we are promoting local interest free currencies. This is the answer to all our debt problems. Interest free currencies can be interest free because the money is created for the single purpose to lend it out, so the economy can flourish. By controlling the amount of currency, inflation will be controlled. For a local currency that wants money to change hands quick, some inflation to high inflation might be a choice. But with a local currency, it will be the locals who decide together what will be the policy. It will make the people more aware how money works, and how it will make their economy stronger.
Day after day I am astonished how we, the people, can accept to work 40 – 50% of our time for the banks… Why won’t we wake up and change our world? Is it so hard to think, to do your math, and see what is right and wrong?

Exposing the Rothschilds banking. We are slaves…

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RT on buck stops here: Local currency in DC to ditch dollar?

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Local communities embracing local currencies like the Potomac


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We are gladly surprised to see we have so many visitors, allready from day one. It only shows we need a totally new look at our world, economy, sustainability and social behaviour. If it ain’t the classical good versus evil scenario you think about, then just simple mathematics can only bring you to the same conclusion. Interest free money is the future…


Money is an agreement, interest is theft.Money is an agreement



Paying cash is becoming more difficult.

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Spain is implementing a new law. This plan will include a measure on limiting cash payments. “There will be a limit of 2,500 euros on cash transactions in which at least one professional businessman is involved. Those who fail to comply with this measure will face fines amounting to 25% of the amount paid in cash”.

Here cash money and the privacy is starting to leave our reality. The crisis gives all the right reasons to take our human rights away from us. Never mentioned this economical crisis is created, especially if you have knowledge of a interest free currency…

This is an article from Alex Jones;


The death of cash is much in the news these days, following Spanish government’s abrupt announcement banning cash transactions over 2,500 euros.

But what is surprising is how far advanced this trend is. Cash is being done away with in both bites and gulps. There have been articles in the alternative media discussing this on occasion but the mechanism is both subtle and overt.

The subtle part comes from the way cash is being whittle away at in certain industries. The US for instance has no overt , national cash bans in place but plenty of businesses are making it harder and harder to pay in cash.

US states have gotten into the act too. Louisiana, for instance, last year banned cash transactions for second-hand merchandise – making flea markets problematic.

In many states, pawn shops are under strict scrutiny when it comes to cash transactions, with a good deal of paper work now demanded.

In some Central and South American countries, finger-printing is required by certain stores and businesses if one pays in cash with US$100 or more. Western Union has certain policies in place that require finger-printing outside the US.

Then there are countries themselves. Mexico, for instance, has restrictions on numerous cash transactions including the purchase of real estate with cash. And there are restrictions on how much cash one can spend on vehicles, boats, airplanes and luxury goods.

Here’s something from the Economic Policy Journal back in February:

It’s Really, Really Getting Crazy: [Bloomberg has reported that] Italians Banned from Cash Transactions of More than 1,000 Euros … “Prime Minister Mario Monti, in office just over a month, wants landlords, plumbers, electricians and small businesses to stop conducting large transactions in cash, which critics say helps them evade taxes. The government on Dec. 4 reduced the maximum allowed cash payment to 1,000 euros from 2,500 euros” … The noose is tightening, everywhere. The elitists and banksters are clearly going for the big play. They want to monitor every transaction you make and they want to monitor you.

Greece, Italy, Spain … The idea, repeated over and over is that cash is for criminal activity and that it is often used to evade taxes.

But these days, so much is being criminalized that one begins to lose track. What is one to think when something that has been legal for centuries is suddenly deemed “criminal?”

In Spain, many are said to pay as much as half of the cost of a house in cash, thus diminishing tax liability a good deal. This is the practice in other high-tax European regions.

The higher the taxes, the more prevalent these gray and black-market transactions become. This is simple logic.

Lawmakers have forgotten (long ago, in fact) that the “best” laws are best applied within the ambit of natural law.

When government continually seeks to go perniciously against the wishes and practices of the governed people, nothing good can result. Inevitably, laws will be broken.

The more unreasonable the laws, the more law- breaking there will be. This becomes a vicious feed-back loop that conditions people to break laws, which leads to contempt for government activities generally.

Lawmakers may believe they are taking stances for “the greater good.” But the more they depart from reasonableness and common sense, the more difficulties they are likely storing up for civil society generally. It cannot end well.

As cash is continually restricted, if indeed it continues to be, people will turn to barter. If their actions are subject to scrutiny, the state will become increasingly intrusive, leading in turn to increased resentment.

The Internet is a factor in this as well, informing people of how others feel about unjust legislation and the moves they are taking to counteract the worst of it.

All of this has a deleterious effect on society. At some point such governmental actions become significantly counterproductive.

The global elites – those shadowy dynastic families behind much of this mischief – may wish to continue this process to consolidate the world government they apparently seek.

They are obviously not averse to provoking violence as it provides an excuse for further crackdowns and overt social and economic control. Time will tell if they are correct or are misjudging.


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Calgary Dollars Overview

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Calgary Dollars from Canada since 1996. Strengthens the local community. The money is printed by a real money printing industry and has all the safety a currency needs…

Wir Bank Swizerland – a barter exchange bank

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Ithaca Hours, Local Currency in New York

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