Promoting Local Currencies

What is local currency?

Promoting regional currencies

Posted By on December 13, 2012

Together with Anthony Migchels we are promoting local interest free currencies. This is the answer to all our debt problems. Interest free currencies can be interest free because the money is created for the single purpose to lend it out, so the economy can flourish. By controlling the amount of currency, inflation will be controlled. For a local currency that wants money to change hands quick, some inflation to high inflation might be a choice. But with a local currency, it will be the locals who decide together what will be the policy. It will make the people more aware how money works, and how it will make their economy stronger.
Day after day I am astonished how we, the people, can accept to work 40 – 50% of our time for the banks… Why won’t we wake up and change our world? Is it so hard to think, to do your math, and see what is right and wrong?


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